Mission Statement

Meetings and Site Services, Inc. provides the highest level of professional service to our valued customers. We will be recognized as an industry leader in providing a full compliment of meeting planning services for our industry partners. Our corporate culture will be admired for our high level of ethical standards as well as for our being recognized as a leading member in our local community.

Corporate Strategies

Meetings and Site Services, Inc., for the past 15 years, has always believed and will continue to operate under the core belief that bigger is not always better. Our management team utilizes a hands on approach to our working relationships. When Meetings and Site Services, Inc. partners with our valued clients our clients will work with the two core members of our organization who possess over 50 years of hospitality experience. We strive not to be all things to be all people but rather to be experts in what services we provide- which is the full spectrum of Meeting Planning Services.

In 2011 and beyond our strategic marketing goal will be to promote our company and services to a targeted client base that shares our core values and beliefs. Past and current clients have resided throughout the United States in Washington DC, New York City, Pennsylvania, Georgia and California.

We will continue to evolve as all organizations do in regard to embracing technological advances that apply to the meetings industry. We will maintain and use the best technology available in the industry for communication, registration on line, site selection, marketing and travel. By embracing new technologies we will provide value to our clients by ensuring that we offer cost containments so we may work with any budget that is provided for any event.