Meetings and Site Services, Inc. ensures we produce green meetings and events that meet company objectives while reducing waste. Leaving a minimal environmental impact is good for our partners, the destinations we visit and good for business. Going green also means reducing costs while doing something good for the community.

Small items that can make a big difference include minimizing paper hand outs, utilizing recycled glass and paper, purchasing local seasonal produce and ensuring leftover food be donated to a local food bank. In addition, when operating an event we hire only local staff to support the local economy versus bringing in staff from around the country.

When creating a program our desire is to embrace the local community and have our clients work with local organizations that can make a difference in the lives of local residents. Organizations that we have partnered with include Habitat for Humanity, the Girl Scouts of America, the Community Food Bank, TMM Family Service, Komen Southern Arizona Race for the Cure, Barrio Annita Mural Project and the Arizona Children's Association.